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19 May - Pharmacist's Day

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The Association of Consumer Health Industry congratulates pharmaceutical workers on their professional holiday!

As one of the professions known since ancient times, in our time pharmacy plays a critical role in meeting the needs of the healthcare system. Pharmacists - researchers, manufacturers, pharmacy workers do their job every day so that every citizen of our country has access to the necessary medicines, medical devices and other goods for the treatment of diseases and self-care.

The fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic has only more clearly outlined the importance of the profession of a pharmaceutical worker for healthcare systems, setting the task of overcoming the shortage of medicines on the shelves, the need to quickly create and bring new drugs to the market to treat this infection, and provide advisory support to the population in conditions of excessive pressure on medical workers. All these tasks were successfully completed by pharmaceutical workers.

The Association of Consumer Health Industry sets as its key priority the development of the concept of responsible self-care, which, according to the WHO definition, includes, among other things, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, monitoring one’s own health, conscientious use of affordable consumer health products (including over-the-counter drugs). The support of pharmaceutical workers in creating an environment in which people have the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed and independent decisions related to their health is one of the cornerstones in promoting the concept of responsible self-care. Joining the efforts of pharmaceutical workers community and the consumer health industry will certainly have a positive impact on improving the quality of life of the population.

The Association of Consumer Health Industry wishes fellow pharmacists health, happiness, success in their work. The ACHI supports the development of pharmaceutical counseling and raising the profile of pharmaceutical workers as healthcare providers, in particular, through improved regulation and educational initiatives.

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