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GSCF published the report on the Social and Economic Value of Self-Care study

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At the start of WHO’s International Self-Care month on 24th June, GSCF launched its Global Social and Economic Value of Self-Care study demonstrating that current self-care practices deliver significant economic savings and quality of life improvements:

» savings of nearly $120 billion each year for global healthcare systems and, therefore, national economies,
» savings of 40.8 billion productive days for both health practitioners and individuals, which translates to an average of 11.83 work days per person per year,
» gain of 22 million quality-adjusted life years (QALYs), the standard measurement for the value of health outcomes.

This is the first global research project analysing the worldwide value and impact of self-care, across 155 countries, including Russia. Importantly, it is the first study to include data from low- and middle-income countries, providing a unique global perspective.

By 2030, subject to wider implementation of self-care practices, the positive impact may become even more impressive.

Source: GSCF Economic & Social Value of Self-Care Report

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